The Watersprite Awards

Watersprite discovers talented filmmakers from around the world, and brings them to Cambridge to meet one another and celebrate their achievements.

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Discover a world of new talent

The Watersprite Awards are currently closed for new entries, and we’ve just announced our nominees for 2017. Read more about them and the awards further down the page.

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About The Watersprite Awards

  • Who is it for?

    New talent from anywhere in the world. As long as you are a student and your film is under 20 mins long, you can submit.

  • Why submit?

    There are so many reasons to submit to Watersprite, but we’ll try to boil them down into a neat little list of bullet points:

    A platform for your film 

    We screen all the nominated films at the festival. But we also send previews of the films to various speakers, sponsors and partners. And our juries are made up of a mix of professionals and students. That’s a lot of moments where you might catch someone’s eye! A key goal for us is to provide screening packages to other festivals too. We were thrilled to send some films to the Dhaka International Film Festival this year – a great start!

    Recognition for you and your crew

    We don’t just celebrate the films – we celebrate all the people who help make them. Full details of our awards are further down the page, but we award films as a whole as well as the technical departments.

    A trip to Cambridge

     Since 2012, we have offered bursaries to our attendees to help them get to Cambridge. We also help to find cheap accommodation to make the trip as affordable as possible. Because while a laurel leaf for your poster is nice, getting to meet all the other nominees, as well as our fantastic speakers, is just so much more important.

    Career-building prizes and opportunities 

    Beyond attending the festival, we also work to create networking opportunities with industry pros. And our award prizes are useful: whether cash towards your next film, an animation portfolio review with Aardman or a meeting with a casting agent, we aim to find prizes that will help you in the next steps along your career path.

  • How much does it cost?

    Nothing. Not a sausage. It’s totally free.

    There are already enough barriers to getting into the film industry. We want to break those down at Watersprite. The competition is entirely free to enter, as are all of our events over the festival weekend.

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2017 nominees

On 11th March 2017, we will present 13 awards to our incredible winning filmmakers. The Watersprite Awards are in three broad categories:

‘genre’ awards

Animation • Documentary • Fiction

‘technical’ awards

Acting • Cinematography • Directing • Editing • Original Film Music • Production Design • Screenplay • Sound Editing

‘grand prix’ awards

Filmmaker of the Future • Film of the Year

See below for details of the nominees for 2017. Or view in a list format.

And follow/like us to find out more about each film in the run up to the festival.


Our Awards are only possible thanks to our partners.


  • The best things were all the opportunities! Masterclasses and guests of the highest quality!
    — Basille Vuillemin (2016 nominee)
  • My experience of the festival was fantastic!
    — Patrick Nsengimana (2016 nominee)
  • The atmosphere around the whole event was just so positive... quite possibly the best weekend I’ve ever had!
    — Bradley Porter (Filmmaker and former nominee)