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#Gamechangers 3: 2001: A Space Odyssey

by Caithlin Ng • November 15, 2017

The star of this week’s Watersprite #gamechangers posts is a science fiction classic: Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”! Following a team on a voyage to Jupiter, the 1968 film bridges the past and future and plays with time in such a compelling way that I couldn’t help myself and had to watch it more […]

#Gamechangers 2: the old movie experience

by Caithlin Ng • November 15, 2017

Watching Netflix in bed? Going to the cinema for IMAX, 4D and surround sound technology that make you jump in your seat? Our parents and grandparents surely did not have the same movie experience! We’re throwing it back to 1986 with this week’s Watersprite #gamechangers post, starring a wonderful article discussing film quality and industry from […]

#Gamechangers 1: Citizen Kane

by Caithlin Ng • November 11, 2017

Called the ‘most influential film of all time’ by many famous producers such as Woody Allen or Steven Kubrick, how could CITIZEN KANE not be the start to our Watersprite #gamechangers series? We are so excited for the Festival that we can hardly wait – this series of posts is to keep the movie lover’s and […]

#Gamechangers series

by Caithlin Ng • November 1, 2017

We are working hard behind the scenes to make the UK‘s best student film festival possible, but the work is also incredibly fun – for example, when we get to talk about our favorite films on a regular basis with our weekly #gamechangers posts. These can not only be found on our social media pages […]

The Watersprite Blog is back!

by Caithlin Ng • October 20, 2017

We’ve relaunched our website’s blog to bring you regular content about films and filmmaking, so check it out as you anticipate the incredible festival in February!