Our team

Consisting primarily of student volunteers, our committee is dedicated to making the best festival for you.

  • Student Committee

    About our committee

    Our committee is responsible for the day-to-day running of the festival. It consists of students from Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Cambridge, and is roughly over 30 strong.  Members are all volunteers and – generally – apply, are interviewed, and finally recruited at the end of each academic year.

    What you see during the festival is only the end of a long, busy process of year-round organisation! Watersprite’s student committee works tirelessly all year to make this massively complex and ambitious event happen, whilst balancing the needs of the festival with their studies and other commitments. To get involved with Watersprite 2019, have a look at our Recruitment page.

  • Steering Committee

    About our Steering Committee

    Watersprite’s Steering Commitee works with the Student Committee to help build and shape the festival, with a focus on longer-term festival strategy, partnerships, administration, logistics and finance. Members are drawn largely from the media and creative industries. We also help as the students from one year pass the baton onto the next – whether with training, advice or as a sounding board for new ideas.

    You can meet us below. The current Watersprite Chairman is Hilary Bevan-Jones, independent film and TV producer and former Chair of BAFTA.