The Watersprite website is one of our most important resources as it is the centre of our online activity. We need someone who is able to both keep the website updated with articles, interviews and details about the festival and make it an accessible resource for everyone to use. This is a great opportunity to test your skills on a website that will be visited by students, industry professionals, and more!

Key tasks:
– work with the designer to update our website to maintain a consistent tone and aesthetic for the 2018 festival
– regularly update the website with content produced by other departments
– work closely with the Marketing team to ensure consistency across platforms

Please send applications to lewis.brierly@watersprite.org.uk before 6pm on Monday 7th August detailing why you would like to be involved with Watersprite 2018 and any past experience that you have.

If you’re interested, the Watersprite team would love to hear from you!