#Gamechangers 10: Baby Driver


It’s finally time for this week’s Watersprite #gamechangers post! It gets a little hectic around Cambridge at this time during the term, which is why we picked something new and fun with an incredible soundtrack for you to enjoy: Edgar Wright‘s ‘Baby Driver’!

This action crime film is one of our favorite 2017 pieces, and you might find yourself with a song from the movie stuck in your head after watching it (for days if you’re like me). What is the ’Baby Driver’ hype all about? Baby, the protagonist who works as a getaway driver and orchestrates his life with carefully composed playlists, might be one of the most intriguing figures to appear on screen this year, and not many movies are able to make the entire movie threate laugh repeatedly – so give ‘Baby Driver‘ a go!

If you’ve already seen the film, check out the incredibly interesting podcast episode about ‘Baby Driver‘ on ‘The Director’s Cut‘-podcast, where Wright is interviewed about the making of his film.

Image credit: BagoGames