#Gamechangers 2: the old movie experience


Watching Netflix in bed? Going to the cinema for IMAX, 4D and surround sound technology that make you jump in your seat? Our parents and grandparents surely did not have the same movie experience!

We’re throwing it back to 1986 with this week’s Watersprite #gamechangers post, starring a wonderful article discussing film quality and industry from the year “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, “Top Gun”, and “Alien” aired.

Our favourite line from the article?

“Movies look a lot better now than they did in 1906 when 35-millimeter became the industry standard and when audiences could be aroused by a pair of lips puckering up for a kiss at 16 jumpy frames per second”

SO much has changed since then!

Read the full article here:

Image credit: Raymon Sutedjo-The