#Gamechangers 9: Inception

Today, it is time for the first Christopher Nolan project to make the Waterpsprite #gamechangers list: Inception. The 2010 science-fiction film was written, co-produced, and directed by Nolan.

It‘s been out a couple of years, so we‘re not too careful with spoilers – watch out if you haven’t seen it.

A film with beautiful plot twists, full of emotion, too complicated to properly summarise – which is why we strongly suggest you watch it! The main character, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is faced with a seemingly impossible task, the “inception” or implantation of a person’s idea into the subconscious of another person to change reality. You can imagine how this leads to layers upon layers of storyline and meaning.

You might be surprised to find yourself in ordinary reality again after – if only Leonardo DiCaprio had not walked off the end, leaving that queasy feeling in your stomach…

Which is your favorite scene?

Image credit: methodshop .com